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 Menno Versteeg-Menno Versteeg Net, Age And His Wedding.

Biography of Meno Versteeg Net

Menno Versteeg is a famous singer and artist. He is also the lead singer of the Canadian indie rock bands Oh Yeah and Anyway Gang. He is a part of the Canadian band Anyway Gang and helped start the record company Royal Mountain Records.

His birthplace is Ottawa, Canada, and his date of birth is January 7, 1980. Menno Versteeg’s age is now 43 years old. Hasjo Versteeg is his father and Jane Versteeg is his mother. Menno Versteeg’s wedding was arranged with Annie Murphy. Hajo Versteeg came to environmental law and policy and he is very close to his mother. According to sources, people know him just as well as Menno. In the same way, Manno is white and a Canadian citizen. Capricorn is his star sign, and he doesn’t like being around other people. He is smart and likes to sing from a very young age.


Menno went to high school in Ontario. After high school, he went to New York and London to study more and learn how to play music. Later on, he decided to work in music.

Menno’s Professional Life

I enjoy his songs, and he’s a great guy. He started the record company Royal Mountain Records in 2009 with Adam “Bix” Berger. It is a Canadian record label that has more than 30 artists on it. He started it so he could share his first song. It’s a mix of punk rock, indie rock, power pop, and alternative rock.

By the end, the business had helped singers from Torrent and Generation get better. Another group is made up of Always, and Dizzy, and in the US a lot of people wrote about it when the company gave a big gift to the Mental Health Fund. It had to do with the fund that helps the singers and players in the band deal with the stress that comes from all the events, trips, and other things they have to do.

Menno Versteeg Net Worth

Versteeg writes well-known songs and plays the guitar on them. He is well-known and well-liked because of what he did. Hollerado was nominated for Music Package of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards for White Paint by Hollerado. Soon, he will be getting more awards.

A lot of people know Menno as a singer, and he makes money from his job, his band, and tours. The shoes that make him the most money are his Yeezy ones. Menno Versteeg’s net worth is between $1 and $5 Million. Each song brings in $400k to $500k for him. Menno Versteeg net worth showed that he lives a fancy life. Besides that, he hasn’t pushed any companies yet.

Relationship Status

Menno Versteeg age was 36 when Menno Versteeg wedding was shown to people with Annie Muphy. He has played a role as an actor in his wife’s movie, who is known for her part in the movie Schitt’s Creek. They secretly got married in 2011 and have been together ever since. A lot of money went into their wedding. They want to keep their love story a secret because it’s well-known.

Manno’s Body Measurement 

Guys, he is handsome. He has a 70 kg weight and a height of 5.8 feet. In the UK, it says that his shoe size is 8.5. His hair color is dark brown and his eyes are normal brown.

Social Circle

A huge number of people follow Menno on social media. In the same way, he has about 15,800 followers on Twitter (of the Hollerado account) and 11,100 friends on Instagram. The number is still going up.

Other Details

He also sings solo for the indie rock band Hollerado and is a part of the Canadian band Anyway Gang before Menno Versteeg wedding. Anyway, the band released a record this November. He also won the top bid and made the most money when he sold three tapes of cover songs at an auction in the year 2020.

Finally, he gave the money to Arts for Aid Project, a Metis-led group. The group backs projects that teach art to First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people. He also played the song “A Little Bit Alexis” with Murphy and Nick Boyd (of the band Hollero) in season five of Schitt’s Creek.

In 2009, they released Record in a Bag. In 2013, they released White Paint. In 2017, they released Born Yesterday. In 2019, they released Retaliation Vacation. Some of the song albums are Americanarama (2010), Got to Lose (2011), So It Goes (2013), Born Yesterday (2017), I Got You (2017), and Eloise (2018).

Versteeg released the Mav Karlo series last month after being quarantined for 14 days in the east. The dates were spread out across the Atlantic provinces, where virus cases are still low. With the help of that four-track recorder, Versteeg played his nylon guitar and sang for a number of sold-out crowds, which were groups of 25 to 65 people who were socially distant from each other. He didn’t really play at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto for several nights, where thousands of excited fans said goodbye to his old band. But, in a way, it was great. Versteeg didn’t want people to dance in powder or jump on stage. He only asked them to pay attention.

Versteeg played in a dark bar in Fredericton where people were crammed into seats made of mirrored Plexiglas. The crowd could not be seen through the bright stage lights. He was singing a strong verse about finally being able to look at himself in the mirror. But all he could see was himself, with twelve Menno looking back at him.

Quick Facts 

Full Name:                       Menno Versteeg

Born Date:                       07 Jan, 1980

Menno Versteeg Age           43 years

Horoscope:                       Capricorn

Lucky Number:                       8

Lucky Stone:                       Topaz

Lucky Color:                       Brown

Best Match for Marriage:       Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus

Gender:                       Male

Profession:                       Musician

Country:                       Canada

Height:                                   5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)

Relationship Status:           Married

Wife                                   Annie Murphy

Net Worth                       $1-$5 Million

Salary                                   $400k-$500k

Eye Color                       Brown

Hair Color                       Dark brown

Birth Place                       Ottawa

Nationality                       Canadian

Ethnicity                       Caucasian

Education                       High school situated in Ontario

Father                                   Hajo Versteeg

Mother                                 Jane Versteeg



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